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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Evolution and the Age of the Earth

Another thing that I want to point out is that evolution and the age of the earth are not synonymous terms. In a very deceptive manner, the YEC will make a sarcastic remark in passing equating these two things as though believing the facts of the age of the earth means that one has to believe in the whole package deal of naturalistic evolution. That is just downright deceptive and evil.

Now that I know the truth, I sit back in amazement at how these Christians do not question what they are being taught and how these people manipulate their audience. I personally believe that the YEC do not capitulate over these things, that they know because they do investigate what is being said, because of money. These people have mega-ministries that bring in a lot of income for the YEC.

Christians flock to these organizations for support because they do believe in the Word of God. They further need proof that what they believe is true. So they come to these folks for the answers they need to share with the people they are trying to win to the Lord and most importantly, with their children. All the while, they have no idea that what they are actually doing is building up a case that the atheists can come in and use as a means to point out the lies and deceptions of YEC and another atheist is born.

Here again, we have a very disingenuous matter because in reality, everyone believes in evolution. The YEC believes in evolution. All the models include evolution and when these folks finally get down to brass tacks, they tell you this fact. But before that, in passing, they will make this remark to set the stage so that most Christians will easily fall prey to their lies.

Let's take the dog, for example, because I think that canines exemplify evolution. All dogs are related to a wolf type dog. Then they "evolve" to be poodles, dalmatians, great danes, and chihuahuas. Obviously, there does come a point where a couple of these can no longer logistically mate. But it is still a dog. The species did not grow a new organ or become more complex. In fact, animals lose complexity through evolution.

The YEC claims that all the animals that have ever been were on Noah's Ark. Then after this, they diversified. This takes evolution to a whole new level because there are billions of animals that have lived over the course of this earth's history. Did you know that 99% of all animals that have ever lived are extinct? According to the YEC model, all these animals super evolved from a "common ancestor" after Noah's flood. They will even show you a picture of the two dogs believed to be on Noah's Ark. What the unsuspecting Christian doesn't realize is the incredible amount of evolution that would have had to take place in 6000 years to create all this diversity.

Do you see how deceptive they are being at explaining these facts to the average Christian who has no clue what the whole YEC model looks like? They falsely accuse the OEC of believing in evolution, when their version of evolution leaves everyone else's version in the dust.

The naturalist does the exact same thing. They say that even Christians believe in evolution. And my response is that everyone believes in these microevolutionary changes over time such as we see in the dog. This is very evident in nature. Natural pressures can cause DNA changes so that new generations of a particular animal will survive. It is more proof of a Creator God in creation who has built into us an ability to adapt.

There are two areas where evolution is not remotely evident. One is the idea that non-living substances can self-organize to become living cells. The primordial earth was very harsh. There were cataclysmic events including a deluge of asteroids that seeded our planet with a rich assortment of minerals. As soon as life could exist on this planet, it exists. There is not enough time for a self-organization and there is certainly no reason to assume that these elements could organize under these conditions. The experiments done to show that life could be created in this way only further show the necessity for God.

Then we are led to believe that animals became more and more complex. No experiment has ever validated that assertion and the fossil record doesn't show this either. What we see is long periods of stasis and then a new ecosystem comes into play unlike the one before. This fits perfectly with what we are told in Psalm 104:29-31.

What is happening is that microevolution is assumed to have caused these huge leaps incrementally over time. They would suggest that these tiny changes accumulatively could create something entirely new that couldn't mate with the original. Only this gradualism is not demonstrated in the fossil record.

Now as I've already pointed out, we do see microevolution and atheists will show you that all kinds of animals can evolve like this. But they have never been able to prove that these built in mechanisms to ensure the survivability of animals could produce more complexity.

In both cases, talking to the YEC or the atheist, I feel like I'm talking in circles of mass confusion. Both groups share their points leaving out pertinent details and they mislead the public. Is it any wonder that our young people walk into these colleges and universities and are quickly evangelized to atheism with ease? Christian young people sit in classrooms listening to these professors give their anti-Christian messages, but the young Christian has no ammunition to tear down the arguments. Couple this scenario with the hypocrisy of the modern day church and it is a recipe for tragedy. These young people begin to cling to science as their only source of truth. Science becomes their Bible and man becomes their god. This then leads them to homosexuality, just as the Bible tells us in Romans 1.

Because the Christians have dogmatically told these people that the only way that Genesis can be understood is the way they understand it, these young people now doubt the authenticity of the Bible and they are full of mocking and sin. They approach Christians from the perspective of a total lack of respect because they see them as people who do not think through these issues. Have we lost our ability to be Bereans? Have we really gone that far?

Many Christian parents will not send their children to college because they have seen that most young people that attend college lose their faith. My son, with the knowledge that he has, effectively stood up against the atheists at his college. So what a dilemma we have here. We have few young Christians coming up in the ranks of these higher education fields. This further makes Christians look as though we are the less educated people of the world or the bumpkins. It is tragic.

I'm not saying that education is good or evil. What I'm saying is that we are losing the skeptics to the devil because we refuse to be Bereans.

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