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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

50 Reasons Christians Think They Can Sin and Be Saved

1. Christians sin every day and at the end of the day are forgiven
2. Jesus was only tough on the Pharisees but never the common folk
3. When you get saved, your spirit gets saved but it just takes time for your soul to be saved
4. God hates the sin but loves the sinner
5. There is no love in a message that calls people to repentance.
6. The only way to lead someone to Jesus is through compassion and friendship
7. When we stand before God, our sins will not be seen by Him because we will just plead the blood of Jesus. God will see Jesus’ righteousness over all our sins.
8. Once saved; always saved
9. We were born sinning
10. We sinned in Adam
11. We are born with a wicked evil heart and a dead spirit
12. We are never to judge someone else's sin
13. We are never to speak into someone else's life; Judge not; lest ye be judged
14. Homosexuals were born that way.
15. God is a God of love and He accepts us right where we are
16. Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins and take the that we can keep on sinning and be forgiven because God understands that we can't help but sin.
17. To say you are set free from sin is a prideful statement. It is more humble to say you sin every day
18. If we want to stop sinning, we are going to have to stay away from everyone and everything that is evil. That means we will have to cloister ourselves from the world.
19. Sin is simply being human
20. Sin is not keeping the feast days
21. Sin is listening to rock music
22. Sin is a baby crying because it is demanding its own way
23. Sin is making a mistake
24. Sin is having a need or having financial problems
25. Sin is debt
26. Sin is illness or death
24. Holiness is a state of perfection
25. Holiness is not having one problem in your life
26. If you are suffering, it's because you are sinning
27. Jesus was born without a sin nature because His Father was God so that this is why He didn't sin
28. Before Jesus everyone sinned all the time and their hearts were evil and wicked beyond cure.
29. Grace first came only when Jesus died on the cross
30. When you judge someone, you are pointing the finger at them and there are three fingers pointing back at you
31. The spirit is the conscience, the soul is the mind, will and emotions and the body is the body. The heart is somewhere in the middle.
32. All judging is sin.
33. Parents are responsible for their sinning adult children and the reason they are sinning
34. It is the wife that is rebellious that causes the children to sin
35. We need to spank that sin nature out of our children as infants
36. The only way to have loving and good children is through stern discipline because they have a sin nature and so even if it appears that they are righteous, they are actually motivated by their sinful hearts. Therefore, we should do everything possible to control our children's sin nature.
37. Any good thing we do before we come to Jesus must be motivated by selfishness and be as filthy rags.
38. There is no way that a person can stop sinning because that would be sinless perfection
39. If you are in sin, as long as you prayed your little prayer once upon a time asking Jesus into your heart, you will still go to heaven when you die.
40. The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is that the Christian is forgiven and the non-Christian isn't.
41. The only reason a Christian might go to hell is for committing suicide
42. The only reason a Christian might go to hell is for the unforgivable sin (of course nobody is quite sure what that is)
42. As long as I don't do anything wrong, what everyone else is doing is none of my business. If they go to hell, that is not my problem.
43. Christians sin because they have demons and need deliverance.
44. The power of God is so that we can see God is real through miracles and prove to the world He is real.
45. The evidence of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues
46. For a woman to be submissive, she must wear a hat
47. To stop sinning, we must stay away from the world completely
48. Because ___________(you can fill in the blank with any number of famous teachers) said so, it has to be true.
49. A particular type of music will keep you from sinning
50. If you keep enough standards and disciplines such as fasting and Bible reading meticulously, you will be righteous.

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