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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Doug preaching at Mardi Gras

Nicaraguan man repents at Mardi Gras

Doug at Mardi Gras Part One
Doug at Mardi Gras Part Two
Doug at Mardi Gras Part Three

These are the videos from Mardi Gras. Hope you enjoy them!


Jessie said...

Hi Vera,

It's extremely easy to start an anonymous message board. I'm not sure if you were meaning that, but it really is. Perhaps there ARE some people who want answers, but feel embarrassed for asking. I mean, we must look at faith in Christ from their point of view in the sense that we should remember how we acted before we were saved. People might be embarrassed no matter how much we plea with them that they shouldn't be.

I think it's a great idea, honestly.

And thanks for the info on homeschooling! I will definitely contact you once we actually HAVE children (lol). I really appreciate it!

verandoug said...

I actually share with many people, Jessie. I type very fast. :-) But no, this wasn't meant to be anonymous. I can't think that far ahead. :-) Because Mr. Comfort wouldn't allow us to send in links, I thought that perhaps the easiest way to do this was to send them to this blog and then direct people here. Plus, like you said, I think people want to know who you are and so I put some pics up of myself and Doug. I could have put my children but people are always discouraging me from that. So.....

I am more than willing to talk to people anywhere.

What do you suggest?

As to homeschool, what is it that you were looking for? How old are your children?

For the most part, the most popular homeschool curriculums are Abeka, Bob Jones University Press, Alpha Omega and ACE or School of Tomorrow. My husband and I use ATI. But ATI is not for the faint of heart and God is still doing a major work there. It was the homeschool program started by Bill Gothard. I actually heard Ray Comfort speak for the first time at a homeschool convention. But Mr. Gothard has some things that God is working on in him. Because of that, I don't recommend it. There are too many ways to get going down the wrong path and childhood is too short. I am not sorry for all that we went through because it brought us to where we are but it was a challenging and often heartwrenching road. The bottom line: in order to work with this homeschool program you must be well acquainted with being led of the Spirit and not the law. But if you are, I love it. The curriculum itself is top notch. I have a loop of moms both in and ones that have retired and it is the most encouraging group of people you would ever hope to meet. I feel so privileged to have known them.

There are two great math curriculums. One is Saxon and the other is Math U See. There are more but those are the two best. I use Math U See and I love it!! You get DVDs to listen to and then a workbook. My children, even the challenged ones, understand math. I like BJU reading more than any of the others because it contains historical fiction.

Anyway, for curriculum, that should get your started. Thank you for your advice!!

Jessie said...

Thanks for the information! I appreciate it.

My children are 0.. lol, we don't have any YET. But, we hope to fix that sometime in the next year to year and a half, but I'd like an idea before our kids get to be like 4 and I'm freaking out trying to find a decent curriculum. I will look into all you suggested :)

Thanks again :)

verandoug said...

Anytime. I am here. :-)