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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The message of salvation

For the sake of many who do not know the actual message of salvation, I am giving it to you here.  This is what a Christian is and what God calls them to be.  

The message of salvation was that the God who created this universe that is so far beyond our comprehension in size and ability, came to this earth and took the punishment for mankind to take away the sin of the world. You just can't put a price tag on that gift. It wasn't just for a sacrifice and it surely wasn't to just let man keep on sinning but thank God for that sacrifice. It was to send His Spirit to live in the hearts of men to empower them with incredible power to be totally free from the bondage of sin in a new liberty. In that liberty, the law was no longer necessary because what we have in His power transcends that law. 

In no other way can one gain entrance into heaven. To put it bluntly, if you are still sinning, you aren't allowed into heaven. If you are a practicing homosexual, fornicator, adulterer, liar, abortionist, murderer, thief, God will not allow you into heaven no matter how many prayers you've prayed - no matter what your sincere effort was. A supposed Christian that is doing these things, according to Hebrews, is trampling that gift under their feet. 

That was never the message. There was always only one message and that was to gain entrance into heaven, you have to be set free from sin. This is why a Christian who gets an abortion is an oxymoron. The two simply do not go together. This is just a person who claims to be a Christian who is going to bust hell wide open for murdering their child. Get it? 

This is the apostate church. It is a social gospel and a place to hang out to have a good time. Joel Osteen is such a pastor. If you look at some of his youtube stuff, he specifically says that he doesn't address sin. What he does is condemn folks like me that put a finger on sin. 

Unfortunately, what he teaches has nothing to do with the message. Most of these people, if they ever hear the word "Jesus," it might be in regards to all those sins being forgiven because everyone knows that people were born sinning and they just can't help it. What a bunch of bunk! This is why I keep agreeing with the atheists that tell me that they don't have to steal. I think God would rather you be in the position you're in than in that church that subscribes to this nonsense. Every time you confess this though, you prove you have a conscience and that you can live by it. It's just that you still fall short. 

Christianity is not about feel good. It is not about getting all your needs met, having the happiest marriage ever, or being financially prosperous. In many ways, it is just the opposite. To have a really good marriage, you have to die to your own wishes at times to meet that person's needs and vice versa. To be a Christian does not always feel good because we are in a battle against sin. People don't like that message. They like the one that says they can keep on sinning. And lastly, my obedience to God has often left me with very little money and I'm not talking about giving it away necessarily. I am talking about things like being a stay-at-home mom in a two-income society. To do God's will has not always been the easiest route but it has paid off in the end. That much I can attest to in regards to my children knowing and loving Him too and being freed from sin. 

Trust me, when the ACLU finally gets the kind of leverage they want to where being a Christian means some serious consequences, you will see these people drop out like flies. The Bible calls it "the great falling away." That's because suffering isn't what they signed up for - prosperity and happiness is what they signed up for and so the devil will find them to be easy pickin's. If you are sinning, you don't know God. If you don't know God, you're not getting in. Jesus said that His words to these folks would be, "Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you."


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