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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I just think that this bird is exquisite. How can you not see the hand of God in this?



Michelle said...

Hi Vera!!

I just sent this to you in an email...but I don't know if it went through....

Happy Thursday Vera!!!

Gurl, you are tearing up those atheists/agnostics with God's word!!! I just wanted to encourage you to keep on fighting that good fight. I don't know if you have noticed, but I've been wrestling with FD....she's quite a spit fire and twists everything around. We'll all be praying for the unbelievers and those in the faith.

May He bless you abundantly!!

verandoug said...

I noticed. I actually went to her web site to see what all the hoopla was about and saw the tirade on charity that she wrote. I just hate a hypocrite. I mean, why put a pic of a little African boy if the purpose is to point fingers. My goodness, get out there and do something about it yourself if you are so inclined. But to point at the church and say they don't do anything is ridiculous. The church is probably the most charitable institution in the world and the majority of people that lay down their lives to live in the conditions that are so devoid of our modern conveniences are Christians. I am just not going to sit there and listen to her by a hypocrite and not call her on her judgments.

Michelle said...

I agree wholeheartedly! The Body of Christ is the most generous. Funny that you never hear about atheist organizations trying to feed and clothe the homeless, help teenage mothers KEEP the baby, feed the hungry, etc., huh?

Have you ever heard of Voice of the Martyrs? They rank really high with ministry accountability groups in the spending of their funds. They assist Christians that are being persecuted and assist the families of those who have given their all for the Cause of Christ. Awesome ministry! I stumbled upon their website after looking for reputable ministries and was amazed and so humbled. We are so blessed here in the blessed to be able to say the name of Jesus, go to church on Sunday and not have to worry about getting jailed or killed for it.

verandoug said...

You are right, Michelle. If she responds, I'll put out the annual report for VOM. I should have used them but Operation Blessing is at least something everyone is familiar with. That's probably why it came to mind.


ExPatMatt said...


"I just hate a hypocrite"

Surely you mean; 'I hate hypocrisy, but love the hypocrite'?

Just kidding!

I know it looks like I'm following you 'round the blogs, asking questions just to be annoying; but I actually do like the fact that you give considered answers to most questions and you seem to have a level head on your shoulders.
The fact that you believe very differently to me makes it all the more interesting to discuss things with you, so I hope you don't mind if I pester you from time to time.