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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brainwashing Children in homosexuality and lesbianism

One of the reasons I am putting these here is to answer a question from one of the people on Ray's blog site concerning why I wouldn't hire a gay or lesbian if I were running a preschool. No matter how you try to twist the situation, eventually, they will want to use this teaching platform to try to persuade and brainwash children into believing that these lifestyles are "normal." The children are taught that the Bible and Christians are evil for speaking against homosexuality having no idea that all homosexuals will inherit hell's fire and that it is a mercy for any Christian to try and lead them to repentance.

Having orgasms is not a part of a person or who they are. It is a simple physical mechanism meant to create a oneness between a husband and wife. Anyone can turn tomorrow and start again fresh and put homosexuality and lesbianism behind them to walk holy with God.



Takis Konstantopoulos said...

What is the name of your Church?

Takis Konstantopoulos said...

I stumbled upon your blog, accidentally, through a series of clicks, starting from

In a comment I published on another site, addressed to you, I said:

I am actually a religious person myself. I belong to the Church that has condemned Bush for using the name of God in vain, for being blasphemous, for claiming that God told him to go ahead and conduct a war and kill people and for misleading people.
I attend service in that Church every Sunday, I do pray regularly, I fast, I obey moral principles and conduct an ethical life, all within the auspices of the Church that has openly and truly condemned the aforementioned mass murderer.

And then I asked you:
Do you know which my Church is?

I wonder if we belong to the same Church!

Best wishes.

Dani' El said...

Shalom Vera!
I finally made it over to take a peek.

Did you see this elementary school field trip to a lesbian wedding here in San Fransodom?,2933,436961,00.html

The battle for traditional marriage is raging here in Calif.
There really are 2 Californias.
A great polarization is happening praise God! as the wheat and tares are divided.

get_education said...

Oh this is so sad. No, I am not agreeing with you Vera, what is sad is how easily you guys condemn homosexuality, and children LEARNING about it being fine (which it is), and you call that brainwashing, yet the indoctrination and induction of fear to hell and being burn for not believing in your god, that is all right. I would call that brainwashing. After all, it has all the emotional elements of brainwashing: induce fear, release by providing a god, reinduce fear, release by saying they will be fine if they believe in god, induce fear again, release, yet, keep the fear there, least the children might decide to think independently and doubt that there is any god. How to keep it? Easy, keep inducing fear! Fear will keep the children believing! With time, as in hostage situations, children will justify everything about the fear and actually feel grateful with the fear inducer, and justify everything the fear inducer does (of course the fear was induced by the parents, but now the fear is for that thing called a god).

So, summarizing: letting kids know that homosexuals are not ugly, to be feared, to be discriminated people, letting them have empathy for otherness: brainwashing; inducing fear to kids so that they believe in a god: being a good Christian.


verandoug said...

Honestly, I don't know why I am not notified of my own list. Lord only knows how many people have posted here.

Anyway, takis, Christ is not divided. I have been involved in almost every flavor of Christianity and see myself as a part of the whole. I think the more I learn the less I fit in anywhere. It is sad. :-) We presently go to a Nazarene church.

verandoug said...

Did you see this elementary school field trip to a lesbian wedding here in San Fransodom?

It isn't surprising though. I am feeling more and more like the minority.


verandoug said...


This is the way I see sex. There is an obvious design to sex. The guys parts fit perfectly with the girl parts. This is what we would call normal. Not only does everything fit properly but there is usually a baby that comes about eventually. This union doesn't work too well when too people are not committed to each other. So there is the union of marriage to bring about a covenant and the most impacting part of that covenant to create a oneness is sex. It was meant to be very pleasurable and intimate.

See, I think we forget sometimes that it was God that created sex, not man or the devil. It is God that created our abilities to climax, not man or the devil or evolution as some would say. I mean when you think of that, it is mind blowing.

Romans 1 is a pretty clear description of this day and time and the exaltation of mankind in which we end up with a lot of homosexuality, which God says is an abomination and Paul said in 1 Cor would cause one not to inherit the kingdom. That is why I speak about this because I want you to inherit the kingdom too.

All sin is in our DNA technically which is like the working of our flesh. It is not uncommon for sin to be passed down to another generation. I had plenty of sin to overcome. I think for me, although sex was a problem, anger was a greater problem. But God has given me the ability to change. What the Holy Spirit does is to help us to become Spirit led and that plus His Word changes us. Jesus inherited plenty of rotten DNA but He overcame the flesh and chose righteously 100% of the time.

I can continue to try to draw you to repentance. I use teaching. Others use the fear of God. But we are all on the same team.

Children are easily impressionable. Although I do not teach my children to hate and they are cordial and friendly to the homosexuals that live a few doors down from us and have been nice to the man's dogs, I still teach them that homosex is sin.


ExPatMatt said...


Why is the male g-spot where it is?

Does the RTB model make any predictions about this?

Inquiring minds...