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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Norwegian's view of America

It is so much to say about this case that it would take to much time to bring the right perspectives on the Judgment of God, Comparing USA with Norway.

It is amazing how little understanding Americans in general have about their nation's history and role in world past, present and future. And thereby no understanding of “God dealing with them”. It would be wrong to compare USA with Norway, without bringing the history and facts on the table.

Norway have 4500000 inhabitants, USA have about 300000000 inhabitants. You are about 66,6 times as many as us

Norway is a nation that got its independence from Sweden in 1905. America has had their independence for a lot longer.

Norway is a constitutional monarchy. The King has no judical power.

We have a Lutheran state church funded by the state.

The Government have a Church and education Minister.

We have a cross in our national flag, and so have Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, to symbolize Christainity

We have a social-democratic political system. with several different parties from communist wing to free traders. “Mixed system” The communist are only a couple present and I am not even sure if they have any representing in Parlament at this moment. The state takes cares of healthcare, pensions and welfare to a certain extent. Even we have to pay for pensions, healthcare through extra insurance. You Americans have also some things your state and government takes care of like us.

Norway has a great history of sending out missionaries to the whole world including former America.

The main thing to remember is that through history there has always been some great nation having dominion. And at this point that privilege and reponcibility belong to USA. God always deals direct to the head “ Chief in command”. Norway is only a servant to USA, and thereby lighter judged, but still judged according to the rigtheosness of God.

America sets the standard of World politics, economy, military, Spiritual life, technology, sports, fashion, trends, movie industry, porn industry.
What more of significance do you not control?

You are the government “The country “ due to God blessing and prospering you, What ever I go to the buy in Norway is mainly produced for the American market by your standards.

But now God is dealing with you due to your decline if keeping his commandments and good virtues. America has abanded their roots and belief and made them graven images, America has made themselves Modern Pagan Gods. America went by the broad way to destruction instead of the narrow path to life.

As a Norwegain and a European that has greatly been blessed by America, and yes you are the greatest nation so far on earth. I would have been proud to be an American, but I am still more proud to be an stranger and pilgrim on earth. America is the worlds big brother, and al us little brothers (nations) even if we do not like it to be so, we look up to you and want to be as you. Even if we may be anti-american , anti-Bush, we show by our choices that we covet your lifestyle. We read your books, se your films, look at your porn, buy your arms, and even import your phony Christian modern revival doctrines that bring the judgment even closer.

God is strategic, he knows ho far America has gone the wrong way in apostacy and evil. If the head of the world turns the rest of the world will turn.
At this point the whole western world is turning against God with their lifestyle What I believe is that you will not have any more Great awakenings, but a progressive growth in to lawlessness and evil ( like the days of Noah). What will happen is that God will start and has already started on “phase 2 America”. With that I mean that you are no more under God`s hand of prosperity but under his hand of decline and judgment. Eventually there will rise up other united nations like EU and others to be more equal to America to balance it out and to take the edge of Chritianity, thruth, belief and righteousness by even stronger secularisation and world order and unity, at the end we will reach the book of Revelation and end times.

Holy God Almighty is a strategic he knows hoe to play his mercies and judgments according to His divine laws of legislation. He is free to play His cards like He wants and to aloe the Devil to play his cards so that you can be punished. You may not se the Big picture always when playing chess, you might not know why that “horse” is there in that position, but at the end you will know and the “Chess Mate”, “Game Over”. You will know what you did not know before. God has always used nations and people to accomplish his divine prophetic destiny likewise America and in the future the rest of the world. For Christ to return there must be a manifestation of the Son of perdition “Satan”, for that to happen there must be one world order and unity, for that to happen USA must grow weaker and that is taking place now.

America is a nation founded on Christian beliefs, but now a nation full of sin and evil, but still have its remnant.
Norway is a nation founded on Christian beliefs, but now a nation full of sin and evil, but still have its remnant.
So what is the difference? Answer: America was raised by God for a certain task “world mission” that you abanded for the sake of comfort, wordly lusts and pleasure. You have actually been a tool for Satan in many areas and polluted the world. And now the foreign nations are invading you and natural disaters. Look also on Great Britain and Spain with their terror attacks. They are former great empires and leading positions in the western world. Norway is nothing compared to America but still have our responsibility mandated by God as everyone else has.

So what is Gods message to America? Repent and believe the Gopel and you will eat your bread in peace. And if not you will eat the crumbles that fall of the childrens table like the dogs use to eat. There is no shame to turn. But from an end time perspective I must say that America is a sinking Titanic of the world. You have still more to accomplish America, work while it is still daylight.

A sincere greeting to al Americans who are soldiers on the front of Righteousness and proclaiming the Gospel.
And a warning to all other to flee from the coming wrath of God that he one day will execute on all people who disobey Him.

Sincerely from Petar a Norwegian Sreet-Preacher who preaches both in Norway and in America, I love Norway and I love America.
I am what I am today due to Godly American brothers who helped me out in life and ministry, I owe God and America a lot.

Sincerely in Christ
Petar Keseljevic


Dani' El said...

Praise God!

It's good to hear from a remnant in Norway.

The man is spot on concerning America and the world at large.

May Yah! preserve a remnant in America!

Dani' El

verandoug said...

I like Petar's preaching. He lives very frugally in Norway so that he can be a missionary to America. I asked him to write that a while back when the subject of Norway, Denmark, Sweden came up.