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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Flesh contains DNA

DNA in Homosexuals

Alcoholic Gene

One of my hypothesis concerning how sin works is that sin is passed down genetically giving a person a predisposition to the sin. The Bible states that we pass on our sins to our children even to the third and fourth generation. See Exodus 20. This does not mean that a person is destined to sin but that the weakness to sin is within his genome. I say this because Paul said that within his flesh dwelt no good thing. And that within our flesh is where sin dwells. Flesh is made up of cells which in turn are manufactured by a process using DNA. So it doesn't surprise me that scientists are discovering some interesting DNA alterations within those who sin.

I don't believe someone with a predisposition to alcoholism ever has to pick up a drink. But if they do, the weakness is picked up and taken to an extreme.

As I said, you can Google this topic and bring up a host of articles.



tory said...

You were asked to produce peer reviewed evidence that SIN changes DNA! You can not because sin is a religious concept and concepts do not produce physical changes in DNA.

Why don't you just ADMIT that you make wild unsubstantiated claims for which you have NO PROOF and get it over with.

verandoug said...

If you look back at my original comment, you will note that I used one of my "opinion" remarks like "I think." I am usually very careful to make it clear that this is opinion. I further stated that it would be pert near impossible to prove this without taking untainted DNA and comparing it to the aftermath. But how can one do that ethically? My point was that science has seen DNA changes and that much I have proven to you. Whatever you may say, that is where the truth is leading us. My conclusion is that sin dwells in the flesh, just as the Bible proposes.


tory said...

So what you are saying is that you hold opinions about science that you have no verifiable or falsifiable proof for and no evidence for whatsoever. Hey, I guess at least you admit it.

But to think that a concept can physically alter DNA is about as intellectually deficient as it gets. Unless you also handle snakes and think they won't bite you because your god said so.

verandoug said...

The actual facts about the DNA are true.

tory said...

However, that a concept, be it the concept of 'sin' or the concept of 'love' or whatever it may be, does not have any physical effect of DNA.

That is also a fact.

What you do when you answer a comment is you answer it with more speculation than with actual evidence to back anything up. Stay with the realm of actual factual information.

Steven J. said...

Vera, what do you think that sin does to DNA? It sounds (but perhaps this is not what you mean) as though you think that sin causes mutations. On the other hand, you cite, as support for this, the very different possibility that particular alleles predispose (but do not condemn) some people to particular vices.

These are not remotely the same proposition, any more than "driving drunk causes car accidents" implies that "car accidents lead to alcoholism." I think your "hypothesis," as it stands, is too confused and incoherent to qualify as a proper hypothesis.