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Monday, March 9, 2009

Francis Chan - Balance Beam


BathTub said...

I am curious if you have any insight into what Ray is trying to do with the 'Darwin was Racist' approach,.. again.

I mean, does he think people are just going to go "Wow a white guy from ~150 years ago was racist! God must exist!"

It comes off as a pretty bizarre ministry technique.

verandoug said...

I think the idea behind these types of arguments is to say that there is an underlying bad attitude in the evolutionary theory that Darwin started. I don't see that Darwin's theories were all bad. He had some great ideas. Some of his bottom line ideas that are held as truth have spilled over into the biodiversity area and I know those theories are completely unsubstantiated. It is just assumed they are true because the other part proved true.


BathTub said...

But it's completely irrelevant.

That Darwin hated slavery and was a staunch abolitionist isn't disputed at all, I am sure you have seen reference to the new book on the subject Darwins Sacred Cause.

No one says "God Doesn't Exist because Martin Luther was a Bigot" and his bigotry is indisputable, I am sure you have seen reference to his book "On the Jews and Their Lies".

You know that's a nonsensical ad hominem attack. It's the same as if I said Ray is wrong because he has a bad haircut.

And what is up with Chris Geiser, I am leaning towards him being a Poe now too.

verandoug said...

Even though my dad, a Jew, became a Lutheran and I grew up Lutheran, I still feel the Martin Luther did more harm than good. Perhaps the Reformation was a necessary thing and Luther's revelation was important, but I think he was his own worst enemy. Actually, I find him to be the very people he was coming against. He was a lone ranger with a group of yes men. Nobody challenged him, it seems. I could have easily torn down his arguments against the Jews. That was a no-brainer. Romans stands in stark contrast to anything against Jews. OTOH, WW2 played a role in getting the Jews back their land and reestablishing Israel.

Darwin's views were much the same. Look at my avatar. It is a perfect picture of why God calls sin "missing the mark." Nudging truth off the mark a little, and you aren't even in the ballpark anymore.

Darwin held some truth. There is no question. But he was also a disturbed man with personal issues. He took his theory way over the top. There are obvious changes that can occur within species. Darwin noted that. But he took his theory to an extreme suggesting that we are the descendants of apes. Even though DNA analysis continues to prove this wrong, those that have denied God to follow science refuse to affirm these truths.

I think Darwin's theory also played a role in the hatred of others. People assumed that there was an evolutionary chain in humans. I am not suggesting that Darwin asserted this but he did have a bit of an attitude toward people that were a drain on society as he put it.

It is amazing how people can become so indifferent toward the taking of another life that is a "drain on society." We see that attitude prevalent in the flagrant murder of children every single day. The number of children murdered through abortion makes it the leading cause of death in America.