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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Continuing on with creation

In the book, A Matter of Days, Dr. Hugh Ross gives examples of the early church fathers taking a less dogmatic view of this issue in terms of whether those days were earth days or God days. This is important because many people are misled, once again, by YEC that teaches that the early church fathers were emphatic on this point, when in fact, they weren't.

In addition, the YEC will bring up some pieces of scientific evidence as well that they believe are inconsistent with an old earth model. They are things such as whether or not the Oort Cloud exists or whether all the layers of rock can be explained by a global flood. The Oort Cloud is not a misty cloud. It is apparent because of the way comets enter our solar system.

Also, YEC mislead people by telling them that the reason the geologic record has dinosaurs on the bottom and other animals on top was because of their weight. That is the most ludicrous argument and so easy to tear down by any atheist.

Firstly, there are plenty of small animals in the geologic record where we find dinosaurs and there are a whole slew of large animals found above it such as mammoths. Secondly, there is a layer of iridium that separates the dinosaurs from these mammals. Along with this, they have found shocked quartz, which is only found in our time at nuclear test sights.

Iridium is a heavy metal. If we were to believe what the YEC is telling us, we would have to assume that iridium floated above some of the layers that were much lighter. No dinosaur is found above this layer and for the most part, there are no placental mammals such as cattle or rabbits found below it.

This fits perfectly with the Genesis account where birds, sea serpents and dinosaurs, and ocean dwelling creatures are found on Day #5 and cattle and man are found on Day #6. It is remarkable how these creatures were killed in a day and then a whole new set of ecosystems and animals comes to life directly after this leading to mankind.

It is only when you start investigating this topic, that you begin to understand how many lies and deceptions are being taught to Christians to encourage them in this belief of 6 literal twenty-four hour days. Most evangelical Christians do not want to know the truth on this matter. They are very comfortable believing what they consider is the "plain reading of the text." The problem with this is that there have been plenty of times in church history where we misunderstood what the Bible was saying in regard to our natural world.

Psalm 19 is a classic example. If you read it closely, firstly it tells you that there is knowledge in the heavens. So this idea that everything is illusory does not fit that passage. Then it also tells us that the sun has a circuit around the heavens. Well, the early church thought this meant that the sun was traveling around the earth. Certainly, from our perspective, it seems that way. Galileo, who was a Christian, was deemed a heretic for suggesting that the earth was traveling around the sun because it went against what we thought the Bible was telling us. Remarkably, the fact that the sun does have a circuit around the heavens in the Milky Way is an incredible proof that the Bible is true. But many people totally miss that point.

This is the same mistake we are making with the age of the earth. And the most discouraging part of this is that it clouds our understanding of who God is. If we believe that God is an all-loving God who is always gentle or we have a misconception about His character, we then act on that belief, just like Eve, that God would never follow-through on His judgments.

We live in a universe where God is not seen outright. It is clear that Eve and Adam, when they fell, were not looking at the face of God. They were in the same parameters we are in. They allowed sin to enter the world and thus death by sin to beings who were so far above the animals because we are created in the image of God. They were expelled from the beautiful garden that God had built for them into the harsh elements of this world to fend for themselves.

They were now like Him because they had the knowledge of good and evil and they also gave some authority here to satan. Had they stood against satan, it would have been good. Nevertheless, Jesus was slain from the foundation of the world. Death was in place to accomplish this and the whole point of this was to defeat satan once and for all. It is finished. He did it!!

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