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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Introduction to the next phase of this blog. . .

I haven't been much of a blogger mainly because I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog and if they do, how in the world did they find it anyway?

My greatest burden is for the church. I think some of the current state of affairs of the church warrant me to write down what the Lord has shown us in its entirety through a series of questions and answers. I am hoping that this blog will last a long time into the future and be a reference to some weary souls looking for answers.

Many of the modern day churches are in such sin as to be worse than the Pharisees. And the sad part of it is that they sincerely believe that this is acceptable to God.

I have been a Christian for 36 years. I have been under many teachers and ideologies. Consequently, I have hit one brick wall after the next in my walk with God. At times, I felt drained of life from the disappointments that I encountered. At other times, I have known the joy of finding the truth. And it is that one point that has kept me going through the years because it is the truth that set me free from sin. That freedom led me to be reconciled to God and that is what I wish for anyone who ends up here.

I am grateful for the trials that God has brought my way. Were it not for those difficult times in my life, I would never have thought to begin again. But that's what I did on more than one occasion. I took a mental arm and swept away all that I thought was true and began again at the beginning. My foundation was Jesus Christ and Him crucified and from there I added the Biblical and natural truths that I found to be true. In this way, I could take a moment and examine each piece of truth. Some points I knew were absolutely true. Other points I put on the back burner with a question mark and labeled them "unknown."

See, we build truth on past truth and this leads us in a particular direction. For example, if you believe that God is strictly a benevolent God, you will then believe that He is gentle in all cases. This will lead you to believe that He is gentle on judgment of all sinners. This will effect the way you conduct your life choices. You might not be able to imagine that a gentle loving God could create death and dying and so even your account of creation would have to coincide with the idea that God is strictly a benevolent God.

One single idea leads a person to add more evidence to support that impression much like an angle has two rays. One is heading toward the target and the other is heading away. The wayward ray need only be slightly off at the vertex to totally miss the target in the end. In Scripture, sin means missing the mark. This is a key point to almost everything God has shown us. If you see a person caught up in a lifestyle that you know is sinful or off the mark, you can literally trace that ideology back to the vertex of the angle. That has helped me on many occasions.

Some doctrines seem so good at the vertex; but then in the end, they are death. There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death. Proverbs 14:12. This is a very important piece of wisdom.

Over the years, I have learned to examine many of the things that I have been taught as truth through the reading of the Bible on a daily basis. By being in the Word for so many years, I am able to compare what people say to what's there. That, plus my relationship to the Lord, has helped me to wade through the myriad of lies that are invading our churches today. For the reader, it is imperative that you too get in the Word daily even if it means setting aside the Internet.

So I hope you enjoy what I am writing here and that it will bless you and help you in your walk with the Lord.
In His Love,

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