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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Question about a Sign

Let me ask you a question assuming that you are a person who has done a great deal of reading. If someone came around such as a handsome Superman et al type individual who could do all sorts of incredulous miracles and you could actually see him do those things with your own two eyes, how would you respond? What if he claims to be the most evolved human to have lived so far to the point that he could give people what they want. All he asks in return is pledging their undying allegiance, would you pledge or would you have the same skepticism you hold to right this second? If he had a very tolerant point of view where all sexual activity was allowed "as long as it doesn't hurt anyone" and he felt that the problems with the world involved religion, especially Christianity, so that he believed that it is important to rid the world of religion, would you hold to your skepticism especially since he is able to prove his superiority with these miracles that you can sink your teeth into? What if he meshed all the religions into one to bring peace? Would you follow or continue to be a skeptic. Would you attend that church? You have often said that if someone shows you, then you'll believe. So here comes someone who is doing undeniable public signs right in front of your face such as someone who has a disfiguring incurable disease and were suddenly healed. Would you follow? Would you stay on this web site and say, "I don't believe." After all, we can only believe in what our eyes can see and ears can hear. Right? We would never call into question something we can see and hear, right? We don't believe in something we can't see. This is not a preach. I am asking if this world leader would appeal to you? What if to rid the world of these intolerant hate mongers called Christians, it was suggested that we have to let them go. If we do it quickly, like say a beheading, that won't be too bad and then the world will be free from religious fanatics. Would you continue to follow? What if there did appear some sort of technology that involved a hand to where if you don't have this, you can't buy your food? I mean even seeing that this scenario, or something similar occurs, would you step back and see that even though it is a clear as the nose on your face it also mirrors the prophecy? Which would you choose?


The Celtic Chimp said...

Personally I would not pledge undying loyalty to anyone. If a benevolent person of such remarkable abilities was running for president I'd probably give them my vote. If they suddenly started beheading people just for being Christian, I would fight against this person and try to stop the wrong they were doing. I would fight side by side with Christians (or people of any other faith for that matter) to my death if it came to that. I do not subscribe to 'might makes right'. I couldn't care less what abilities a person (or a deity for that matter) posseses. When that person/god acts in an immoral and savage fashion they will lose my support. As I said, I would fight and die beside Christians in opposition to such tyranny. I would very much like to see Christianity and all other irrational dogmas relegated to the history books but I would vehemently oppose any effort to do it by force. I hope that someday people will come to their senses and realise that it just doesn't make sense and that the world is better off that it is not true. The God of the bible is a cruel and immoral tyrant. He is not worthy of love or worship. I would be very disappointed if it were true, only because of God's vile nature.

On an aside, is that image of a protest outside a porn convention?
How would you like it if a pornstars turned up outside your church will signs proclaming that "Extramarital sex is great - wake up christians" etc. etc.
It is always struck me that 'gentle Christians' have a habit of being the most bigotted and offensive. Just check out the nutcases from the westboro baptist church (An extreme example I agree but we don't see any of the groups christians campaign against acting like this)

verandoug said...

I am at my daughter's wedding right now, CC. Very interesting comments. I actually hadn't seen this and only happened to see it because I was showing some of her friends our pics. I would love to chat with you about this but basically I am not sure I would have time to give to this right now.

We have freedom of speech in this nation. Even though those who aren't Christians do not stand out front of churches and give their message, they do plenty of damage through literature, media and other means. The reason that they don't stand out in front of churches is because for them, it isn't necessary.

There are also rules for preaching and levels of loudness that must be obeyed in terms of our freedoms of speech. We obey those rules by standing on public sidewalks and upholding the loudness rules.

Then lastly, you have no idea how much this trash is destroying families and marriages. So we are not just concerned about the pornographers but we do want to ruin the event. There were many young people in that area that were defiled by the women practically undressed outside the convention center.

I honestly believe that this is the way to combat real evil. You don't burn people at the stake. You try to lead them to repentance.

Many blessings and thanks for posting on my blog!