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Saturday, May 24, 2008

What the message of salvation used to be

Since many of you claim to already know the message, I will tell you in a nutshell the difference between what I shared and what is typically shared.   There is the removal of one fundamental part of the message - freedom from sin through the power of the Spirit apart from the Law, which was what allowed the believer into heaven plus the part I'm sure you've heard which was atonement.

The majority of mainstream churches believe that Jesus died for sin because man couldn't stop sinning since we inherited a "sin nature" from Adam.  Somehow the switch was flipped the minute Adam bit into that fruit and now his offspring are born sinning.  So each day we helplessly sin and then at the end of the day we ask for forgiveness.   When we get saved, we are no different than anyone else except that we are forgiven and those who are out of the circle are not.  That means if I can't help myself because I am overcome with sin and become a pedophile, I'm still goin' to heaven because I believe.  What's really wrong with me is a disease, not sin.  What a bunch of bunk!!!  What kind of fool teaching is that?  You won't find that message anywhere in Scripture.  You want something manmade.  There it is.


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