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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pics from Superbowl


Sarah Livingston said...

I saw the video posted on You Tube a few days ago from the Muslims that you people were yelling at. Yelling at people with a bullhorn does more to fly in the face of God than any other sin. Instead of going up to these people and talking to them they were screamed at in a way that would turn anyone off to Christianity. It was a pathetic display of what it means to be a bad Christian.

This is nothing to be proud of. You should pray for forgiveness and go back and try to dialog with these people.

There video was shown in my church as a way to NOT witness to people. If you were a part of this, then I feel pity for the way you are seen in the eyes of God.

It's amazing that we just saw that video in church and here I am seeing this on a supposedly Christian blog. Surely God had led me to witness to you in your sin.

Steven J. said...

I'm sorry, Vera, but I'm going with Sarah Livingston on this one (and on the later post of someone ranting at people in front of a gay bar): this looks like a very ineffective way to get one's point across.

Or was that, perhaps, your point?